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Concept and Structure
3 level canals 100 m (wider depending on site conditions ) x 10 m depth will be formed to trap one–third  of the surplus flood flows of the rivers and tributaries which otherwise go waste into the Sea.  Northern Waterway(NW)  will be from Kashmir to Assam. Vindhyan Waterway(VW) will be girdling the Vindhyas. Deccan Waterway(DW) will be around the Deccan plateau. The three canals will be interconnected so that a continuous navigable water way is available from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. The canals will be fed from upstream storages to be formed to suit the topography. Utilization of 500 km3 (17,500 TMC) is contemplated out of flood flows without interfering with the present utilization of normal flows & the projects under construction. IRG is a‘Parallel’ concept and hence, can be tackled in stages requiring only a fraction of total cost to start with.