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  • The founders of WEDO have evolved a project plan called the Indian River Grid (IRG) for Impounding and distribution of only one-third of surplus flood water going into the Sea. We earnestly believe that this proposal is distinctly superior to all the other alter-natives proposed so far including the NWDA's Inter-linking of Rivers. This Giga project can be implemented in segments by all the States concurrently as well as in stages within the segment. Therefore, it is amenable to implementation in a short period and also on a BOT or BOOT basis by joint or private sectors.

  • Taking take this idea to the whole nation: Towards this, we contacted with The President of India, Planning Commission and Ministry of Water Resources. With a special appointment on 10th May 2005, the founder directors met The President of India, His Excellency Dr. Abdul Kalam at Rashtrapathi Bhavan New Delhi and appraised him of the WEDO organization and the IRG Plan. After some probing questions and clarifications sought by the Learned President, we had his assent that this Plan deserves consideration as an alternative.

  • On 11thMay 2005, the founder directors, as Invitee-delegates, attended the National Water Convention at Vigyana Bhavan, organized by the Ministry of Water resources and NWDA. During the convention, the Founder Directors of WEDO drove home the points that several serious shortcomings in the NWDA proposal for Inter-Linking of Rivers and that the alternatives should be considered.

  • WEDO offered oral evidence on 18thJanuary 2006 after being called by the Parliamentary Standing Committee for Interlinking of Rivers at the Parliament Annexe in New Delhi for nearly an hour.

  • Expanded the Advisory Board with professionals and experts who are resource persons with expertise in the various areas required to formulate the detailed plan for IRG at semi-macro level and for proof of concepts,Introduced and promoted the IRG concept through presentations and seminars. 

  • Meeting Four Union Ministers:
    Visited four Union Ministers in Sept. 2006. They included the honourable union ministers, Mr. Kapil Sibal - Minister for Science & Technology, Mr. Sushilkumar Shinde - Minister for Power, Mr. Sharad Pawar- Minister for Agriculture as well as Mr.Saif-ud-din Soz - Minister for Water resources . Though our meeting with these ministers were brief we conveyed the message that the alternative plan to Linking of Rivers such as IRG exists and is prima-facie viable and merits serious consideration.

  • We informed the Hon’ble Minister for Agriculture that though IRG is a Water project, its primary objective and consequence is food security as 70% of the primary use of water is for irrigation; and consequently we have to prioritize Water Security ahead of Food Security.

  • We drove home the message to the Minister for Power that IRG is an unique power project for 115,000 Megawatts of distributed power generation with practically no Transmission and Distribution loss as compared to only 32,000 Megawatts proposed under NWDA Scheme, with most of the generation concentrated in the north-east; which is indeed a sensitive and strategic problem, especially since recently.

  • Meeting with a senior member of the Planning Commission, Dr Kirit Parikh to explain salient features of IRG -2005-06

  • Initiatives with A.P. & T.N.
    Representations have been made to the Chief Ministers of Andhra Pradesh Hon’ble Rajashekar Reddy between July and Oct 06.Comprehensive documentation were sent to the Honorable CM of Tamilnadu in November and we are glad to inform you that he has used our documentation in his Dec ‘06 meeting with the PM at the NDC meeting at New Delhi