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IRG Concept
THE NEED for a solution

The cycle and the pattern of rainfall on the terrestrial surface determines the availability of fresh water in various regions of the country. This pattern is by no means uniform, resulting in floods in one region & drought in the neighboring region at the same time!. The rapid growth in demand for fresh water due to increase in population has led to this important resource becoming scarce especially in India as its population density is among the highest in the world.  The world population is projected to reach 8 billion by 2025 or earlier.  The population that will be affected by the inadequacy of water will be six times by 2025, reaching 3 billion!! Obviously, this issue is approaching alarming levels, seriously jeopardizing India's efforts to achieve the status of a developed country by the year 2020. Many regions of the country are moving from the status of being water-deficient to water-starved. Therefore a permanent solution will have to be found for solving this problem once and for all. It is being established that Inter Linking of Rivers (ILR) is the only remedy.  The question is what is the mechanism to CONNECT RIVERS in a way acceptable to all and the one which is sustainable.  

A lasting and enduring solution is necessary to avoid the alternating drought and flood syndrome in the country year after year.